Core Values

Create products that are good for people and the planet they live on.

Create quality products
When we think about what gives the quality of our products, three words come to mind, sustainability, comfort, and timelessness. Taking the most direct route to accomplish our goals of minimal ecological impact with our products, we take pride in using organic materials that are long-lasting, helping in turn to reduce waste. Our goal is to help our customers find the right product that will support them for years to come and help them feel great while helping mother earth.

Cause no unnecessary harm
Like pretty much every other business out there, our activity, starting with production and ending with the final shipping, is part of the problem. But the important thing here is that we are making an effort to make it less so with every step we take. We learn from our experiences, our mistakes, and from others and take responsibility. We take these lessons and share them with the world. Aside from creating eco-conscious pieces that are good for you, we make sure they cause as little harm to our planet along the way.

Use business to protect nature
It’s no secret that our society has faced some pretty big challenges and continues to do so. That’s why we decided to start taking action, our way. We’re determined to help restore the stability and integrity in fashion through our sustainable products that will last for years and help reduce the main challenge we face as a society, excessive waste.

Not bound by convention
Our way of work is ever-evolving. By developing new ways to do things, we’ve managed to succeed while enjoying every bit of the process.

Code of Ethics

Nude Label’s teammates are to comply with the Nude Label’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. In line with these values, Nude Label strives to contribute with business partners; including manufacturers, licensees, and agents and their subcontractors (from this moment forward, referred to as “suppliers” and “employers”) that share our values, pursue consistent and sustainable progress in working conditions and methods, and comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct (from this moment forward, referred to as “the Code”), and all applicable laws.

Nude Label expects collaboration from suppliers as well as with their subcontractors to assess their current practices effectively, pinpoint improvement opportunities, and put improvement plans into practice.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors are required to manage their teams and employees in an ethical, legal, and just manner. Nude Label suppliers and subcontractors are to abide by the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Spanish laws, as well as the laws within the countries in which Nude Label’s materials, products, and their components are produced, distributed, bought, and sold.

At all times, we reserve the right to suspend, discontinue, or terminate relationships with suppliers when we have reason to suspect or can identify that the supplier:

  • Is in breach of the law, or
  • Refuses or fails to demonstrate reasonable and timely efforts to implement agreed corrective actions required to operate under our Code of Conduct.

Any violation of the Code or these laws imply a breach of the Manufacturing Agreement and could lead to the suspension of business ties between Nude Label and the supplier.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must not put any person through employment discrimination, especially concerning hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, retirement, or termination, based on race, religion, gender, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, political opinion, or ethnic or social origin.

Moreover, suppliers and their subcontractors are obligated to take meaningful action to protect migrant workers against any form of discrimination and provide them with fitting support services.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must treat their workers respectfully and with dignity. There should be no employee experience regarding physical, psychological, sexual, or verbal harassment or abuse.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must not use forced labor. Be it in terms of prison labor, bonded labor or indentured labor, or other manners of forced labor to produce or perform work on Nude Label products or their components, or materials, or enable their suppliers to do so.
Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must not hire workers under the age of 18 or under age required for completing compulsory education, whichever is higher.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must acknowledge and comply with their employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Employers are obligated to establish and effectively carry out industrial relations systems and mechanisms to resolve any industrial conflicts, including complaints from employees and ensure that communications with employees are effective.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must provide their employees with a safe and wholesome working environment to prevent accidents and health hazards resulting from, linked with, or caused during working hours or the operation of the employer facilities.

Employers must entirely comply with all applicable workplace conditions, safety, and environmental laws rules, regulations, and standards.

Employers must effectively carry out health and safety policies and procedures within their operations, workplaces, and affiliated residential facilities and collectively share responsibility for, and ownership of, them with properly trained employees. Where residential housing is offered to their employees, suppliers, and their subcontractors, these standards must pertain to them and ensure that such housing provides a safe, healthy, and sanitary living environment.

Employers must enforce responsible measures to reduce any adverse working environment and operational effects on the environment and their community.

Including but not limited to:

  • incorporating sustainability standards into business decisions;
  • enhancing environmental performance by using natural resources responsibly;
  • increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste;
  • embracing a cleaner production and pollution prevention measures;
  • and sustainably designing, developing, and creating products, materials, and technologies.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must not demand more than the regular and overtime hours permitted by the law relevant to the workers’ place of work.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must provide their workers with at least 24 consecutive hours of rest every seven days. A regular workweek is not to surpass 48 hours. Any overtime work done by the workers must be consensual. Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must not request overtime regularly and are obligated to compensate all overtime work at a premium rate. Apart from exceptional events, the total of regular and overtime hours in a week must not exceed 60 hours.

Every worker has a right to compensation for a regular workweek that adequately meets their basic needs and ensures a net income. Employers must at least pay the minimum wage or the proper living wage, whichever is higher, provide any benefits packages required by law or contract, and comply with all legal requirements on wages.

Wherever compensation does not meet workers’ basic needs nor provides a net income, each employer is to work with the International Finance and Leasing Association to take suitable actions that will progressively lead to reaching a settlement that does.

Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must comply entirely with all applicable local, state/provincial, federal, national, and international laws, regulations, and rules including, those regarding wages, hours, labor, health and safety, child labor, slavery, human trafficking, and immigration. Nude Label suppliers and their subcontractors must be ethical in every process of their business practices.

Nude Label builds relationships with its business partners based on trust, value, quality, and service. Suppliers and subcontractors must meet Nude Label’s policies on gifts and conflicts of interest. Nude Label teammates may only accept unpretentious presents, meals, and entertainment from suppliers or subcontractors (less than EUR 200). Ordinary business meals and small tokens of appreciation are commonly accepted, but suppliers and subcontractors should avoid offering Nude Label teammates travel, expensive gifts, or frequent meals. Cash grants or equivalents, such as gift cards, are not permitted.

Nude Label aims for fairness and meticulousness in all our reports and records. Nude Label expects its suppliers and subcontractors to keep financial books and business records correctly per all relevant requirements.

Nude Label is committed to carrying out business independently from unethical and dishonest practices. Suppliers and subcontractors must comply with applicable anti-corruption laws, including the Spanish Criminal Code or SCC and the UK Bribery Act of 2010. Suppliers and subcontractors may not offer anything of value, either directly themselves or through a third party, to government officials aiming to obtain or retain business.

Suppliers and subcontractors must transport Nude Label products across borders in a lawful manner, complying with the EU Export Control and Export Control Regimes.

Nude Label suppliers and subcontractors must allow workers to express their concerns about workplace conditions in a safe and anonymous manner to factory management and other parties without fear of punishment, retaliation, or any other adverse action by effectively carrying out a non-retaliation policy, procedures, and reporting channels.

Nude Label suppliers and subcontractors and their employees are encouraged to report any infringements of this Code to Nude Label via email to Suppliers and subcontractors must provide proper support during the investigation of a potential breach.

For more information here you can view our Modern Slavery Statement